System Specifications

The "Rig" utilises Crown amplification, Martin Audio Speaker systems and Allen and Heath QU digital mixing.  This configuration not only provides high-end sound quality but also flexibilty to cater for all small to medium venues. For those interested, please read on.


FOH system

Allen & Heath QU16 Digital Mixer

2 x Martin Audio F12 300w

4 x DAP Audio XT-15B Subs

2 x Crown Amcron 2401 Power Amps

Allen & Heath AB168  Digital Snake

50m Tour Cat 5 Reel


Stage Monitor System

4 x EV elx 112 250w wedges

1 x DAP Audio QI 4600 4 channel power amplifier



Shure SM58 x 3

Shure SM57 x 3

Audio Technica AT4041 x 2

Audix D2 x 1

Audix D6 x 1

AKG E604 x 3







Rig 3